About us

71queens is now a global leader in healthcare and life science thanks to our steady growth. A single brand allows us to combine decades of scientific and technological expertise with a commitment to investing more in new ideas, which will help us pioneer medicines and develop a more sustainable healthcare system in the future.

Your connection with us will not be affected by the name change. You’ll still be able to take advantage of our wide range of cutting-edge products and services, and you’ll continue to work with the same hardworking team members you’re used to. We all work together every day to assist you provide the finest possible care for your patients.

What does a 71queens partnership mean for you?

a one person you can rely on

Your planning, maintenance, and support needs are all handled by 71queens, saving you time and money. One supplier may help you combine projects in order to maximise your return on investment and create efficiency, and our local 71queens teams are available to serve you at any time, anywhere with a thorough awareness of your market and the individual demands of your facility.

A single global system

With over 25,000 clients in 120 countries, we are always collaborating to improve our products and services for patients. With our partnership, you and your team have access to 71queens experts in healthcare and life sciences, as well as additional educational programmes, training courses, and case studies.

An all-inclusive package

At 71queens, we place a high value on teamwork. Because we’re one organisation, we’re even more dedicated than ever in our pursuit of cross-therapeutic advances and in our support of groundbreaking new scientific findings. For the benefit of patients, we share our expertise and best practises regularly. To do so, we combine all of our industry-leading solutions into a single holistic offering that can be customised to meet the specific needs of any hospital or life science department.

Our Team

Tricia Nash

Consultant Gynaecologist, Obstetrician & Subspecialist in Reproductive Medicine & Surgery

Daniel Apostol

MSK Physiotherapist

Dr Samer Al-Sabbagh

Consultant Physician, Diabetologist and Endocrinologist

Dr Ian Arad

Specialist Orthodontist