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Lets cut to the chase: Arc Minute Introduction

Posted by Charlotte 13/04/2017 0 Comment(s)


Let’s cut to the chase. Now, I'm not rushing but, I can be curt with my introduction because I am introducing a brand who truly value precision. In fact, they just are precision. They are Arc Minute.

“Since time is of the essence, so are our designs. Minutes of arc are drafted in the fundamentals of movement, of existence and of the understanding that nothing can be left to chance. For ultimate precision and reliability this has been utilised to understand how the smallest of changes, can echo into magnitudes of change.”

Who can’t relate to that? The smallest of changes that make the biggest differences. And don’t we know it.  In life when a happy moment takes you by surprise like when someone pays or your parking when you have no change (Note: This happened to me ONCE but once was enough for this other wise small day to become  l e g e n d). And in fashion when you put on a garment and it just has that ‘edge’. It feels quality, the cut is just perfect, the thread count means it sits just-so on your form or that little extra detail of perfect stitching that draws the eye. The smallest things can make the biggest difference to how you feel when you wear something.

“As a brand, our ambition is to deliver an end-product that leaves you with a complete feeling and impression of assurance and recognition by individuals in pursuit of something different.”

Oh and philanthropy - they often donate percentages of their revenue to charities chosen by their customers. So values, quality and trendsetting style. Nothing left to chance there.


So without further ado let me introduce The Arc Minute. We are proud to stock their perfectly formed SS17 Collection online now. Can’t wait to see how it is received.


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