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Commitment, Independence and Originality: Why we love Opes Robur

Posted by Charlotte 29/03/2017 0 Comment(s)

A brand that has a strong sense of  a identity and their own values will always stand out from the crowd, and in turn, inevitably create pieces that resonate with more than a look, they can convey a feeling. Just look at Converse, Nike and Tiffany & Co. (to name a very small few) they're all brands that make you feel something as well as offering a product that you want.



From what we have seen from the latest Opes Robur collection so far they have these things. A strong foundation from which to share their message, a belief in themselves, pride in their beautiful products and a listening ear to what their audience actually wants. Quality, customisability, values. Because no two people are the same, and we don't want the same things.


We are very excited that they have brought their Houdini inspired (I know right? Read on..) jewellery to market. Their core line features statement  cuff bracelets and rings that can be locked and customised in 18 carat gold, rose gold and many more finishes including python leather (responsibly sourced, of course). We think Opes Robur Cuffs are a must-have women's accessory for spring and we can't wait to see how they are received by our discerning 71ers.


In their own words:

“We wanted to create a bold, unique statement bracelet symbolising commitment and independence, which could be worn by anyone, in any way that they wished. We are firm believers that everyone is different and originality is fundamental for success in life, if you don't make yourself stand out from the crowd in this hectic world, how else will you be heard? This is exactly what we wanted to portray with the range.



It was this exact image which sparked the idea for the design of our screw-cuffs. Incase you're unsure, these are a pair of vintage handcuffs used by Mr Harry Houdini during his illusions. The bold design, screwing onto the wrist fitted exactly what we wanted to create. Having something physically screwed onto the wrist takes it from just a piece of jewellery, to a statement piece of jewellery, regardless of your commitment, be it to your other half or just to being proud to express yourself through your fashion, we hope that our signature screw-cuffs allow you to show this.”


Jake - Opes Robur Founder

We hope you love this range as much as we do. Want to feed back on it? Just leave a comment or contact us.


Shop the full Opes Robur Collection of Cuff Bracelets, Rings and other jewellery here at 71 Queens.



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