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Stealing the light in 2017

Posted by Charlotte 12/12/2016 0 Comment(s)

Volé La Lumière - Stealing the light in 2017 

Vole La Lumiere

With previous experience in the fashion industry as a visual merchandiser Shane O'eilly, owner at Volé La Lumière, got to see the way in which the industry adjusted daily and the creativity that brands brought into shops,


I thoroughly enjoyed this role but was always knew that my personality and ambition exceeded beyond it said Shane.


"Creativity and inspiration has always been a forte within my personality, inspiring individuals that fashion is a statement only they can create upon themselves and it can be altered to suit every individual." Shane's mentality edged him on to what he has today and there are two quotes that he attributes to his success wth Vole La Lumiere"


“Those who have never failed, have never tried to suceed” and


“Build your dreams or build someone else’s”.


Every aspect of life is a learning curve and I have taken this on board which is why we have Volé La Lumière today!


Shane's the type of person that likes to sit in the background of success which is one of the inspirations that influenced the English translation of Volé La Lumière (stole the light); from the start of development upon this brand the aims were always to go one step further than ever before and to be ‘in the spotlight’ within the men’s fashion industry; however, the brand name Volé La Lumière was a combination of Shane's aims and an inspiration from his travels.


When visiting Paris on vacation the culture and the avidity the city showed towards fashion was formidable, for me personally being a part of the home of fashion is a statement that can’t be bought so this influenced me in the French translation of my brands name.


Men’s fashion has been an ever-growing development within the fashion industry and I had an exponential passion for fashion. A clothing line business owner is concerned with more than just finding the perfect shade or determining the appropriate fabric, it’s about creativity and confidence that the designs you create will influence others to be unique. Redesigning clothing in which I bought to make it more unique and ahead of the game became habitual – ranging from patterned rips in jeans to colour changing I was always willing to try out new designs to be current. Positive comments from peers influenced me to bring out my own brand to create an available clothing line that was current but unique, always staying ahead of the game.


My aims with Volé La Lumière are to continue to develop and maintain a professional image to expand within the fashion industry to become a global recognised brand in which people can wear with confidence. Another aim I have is to influence others and show that no matter how big or how small their dream may be with hard work, determination within your dream and positivity anything can come true; regardless of any constraints that may be faced along the way they can always be overcome - no dream is too big.

Beckham is one person I desire to wear my clothing brand as he has been an influence on many people young or old since his career first began; he has been acknowledged as one of the most recognised and trend setting individuals. When I was younger at school fashion was never a particular interest that men would acquire but Beckham was always a step ahead of everyone else, starting trends from hairstyles to clothing and continuing to influence others to be unique in their own way. A simplistic thing of wearing jeans to school on what we called “ own clothes day “ was not a standard concept and its individuals like him that expanded the fashion industry for men opening all sorts of possibilities and making an acceptance for men to endure fashion just as much as the next person and I feel modern day fashion is the most creative it has been in my life time to date.

Check out Vole La Lumiere at 71 Queens

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