Eating For Eye Health With Vision Boosting Pineapples For Better Eyesight

One of the great ways to feed our eyes the right nutrition for better eyesight is to include fruits with vision supporting nutrients in our diet. An example of a juicy fruit that we can incorporate into our diet to accomplish this goal is the pineapple. This fruit is filled with vitamins, enzymes and minerals that support and protect eye health. This juicy but tart tropical fruit native to the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, consists of Beta- carotene, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and when fully ripened, offers full nutritional benefits in terms of antioxidant protection. Therefore, here are some nutritional benefits of Pineapples for better eyesight and general health.

Eye Health Benefits: This sweet tasting tropical fruit consists of vitamin C; an immune system booster that helps the body maintain the healthy function of connective tissue, including collagen found in the cornea of the eyes. It’s a powerful antioxidant that protects our eyes against the negative effects of free radicals that damage eye cells. Therefore, it reduces the risk for macular degeneration. Additionally, it consists of Beta- carotene; an important vision supporting nutrient that improves poor eyesight.

It has Anti – inflammatory Properties: It consists of the digestive enzyme called Bromelain which is combined with a complex mixture of nutritional compounds that boosts pain relieving benefits and blood thinning. Additionally, it is an anti – inflammatory agent. For example, it improves the healing time of pain associated with injuries and reduces pains related to minor muscle injuries and muscle spasms.

Weight Loss Benefits: Pineapples consists of soluble fiber. This type of fiber content creates bulk in your digestive system leaving you feeling full. Not only does this contribute to a properly working digestive system but this helps to control your appetite. According to health experts it boosts metabolism and the body’s ability to burn calories.

Benefits Heart Health: This eye food benefits heart health by reducing blood pressure due to its potassium content. For example, just 1 cup of Pineapples consists of 195 mg of Potassium; an amount sufficient to regulate blood pressure to normal levels.

Aids in Digestive health: Due to its fiber and Bromelain content it contributes to a properly working digestive system and aids in good elimination. Therefore, if you are concerned about improving your digestive health, then, pineapples are a welcome addition to your diet.

Aids in Fertility: Studies have shown that the antioxidant rich foods like Pineapples, consisting of nutrients such as Beta- Carotene, vitamins, and minerals such as Zinc, copper and folate, can improve fertility due to their ability to combat free radicals that cause damage to the reproductive system.

Cancer Prevention: Due to its’ vitamin C content it boosts our immune system’s defenses against diseases and fights the negative effects of free radicals on the healthy cells of the body.

Pineapples are tropical fruits packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Their health benefits extend way beyond an improvement in vision health and include areas such as heart health, digestive health, weight loss, and ultimately, cancer prevention to name a few. With such diverse benefits this is a nutritious food that is definitely worth including in your diet for maximum health.